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Benefits of an Independent Doctor


Valley Medical Center offers comprehensive medical care in a comfortable setting, where the patient is not reduced to tolerating long wait times and brief visits.  

We believe that every patient is unique and is entitled to an individualized treatment plan. At Valley Medical Center, we treat you like a person, not just a ‘unit of healthcare’. You will not be rushed through, instead, you will be listened to and an appropriate level of treatment will be implemented.

In an era in which physicians are being bought up by hospitals and big medical groups, only about 1 in 3 physicians now remain independent.

This trend in corporatization can lead to negative side effects including:

  • Skyrocketing costs.
  • Your doctor as an independent advocate for you is lost.
  • Quality of care and patient experience goes down.
  • Individuals and communities suffer financially.

In the bigger picture, this trend leads to jobs in the medical field being lost and to increases in employer premiums and patient out of pocket expenses.

We are a small, yet sophisticated, modern practice which can provide you individualized care with our full attention devoted to you. Independent physician practices like ours can offer you the most efficient and economically appropriate care, treating you as part of the solution and without the undue influence of a corporate administrator.

Please consider Valley Medical Center as your next choice for a general practitioner or for any future urgent care you need.


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